Holidays need to be planned well so that you can get what actually you want to enjoy with your family, yourself or with your friends. It is really a good idea if you plan to travel to Andaman with your family but before you go there you should choose a good Andaman and nicobar island tour package so that your journey turns out to be hassle free and full of fun. You need to spare enough time before you choose a tour package and here are the tips that can help in choosing what is most suitable for you.
Choosing Right Tour Operator

Every region have specialized tour operators. For Andaman there are people who are very good at arranging the best tours possible. You can check the websites of the tour agencies that provide tour packages to Andaman Ex. Tropical Andaman Tours. It is necessary for checking the background so that you can operate the particular regions and so that they can do that in better way. It is good for doing online research for the websites that are of third party so that you can help in gathering information so that this can be satisfied for clients. The research can be easily understood so that you can have local guides and also tours.


There are many travel agencies who just put the holiday packages with pricing that do not include applicable taxes. It is good that you always request for the quote that is complete including all the components of tax and other expenses. You should check the same with the tour agencies and then compare the price with various other tour operators and decide which one is most suitable for you.

Accommodation Options

It is good that you check the hotel names from the tour agencies and then search about the customer reviews on the same. You can also check the price of the hotel room if you are booking by yourself. You can then compare the prices when you are booking hotel by your own and when it is booked by the tour agency. If the cost is less if you are booking by your own then it is better that you do in that way. You should also ensure that the hotel accommodation is comfortable for you and safer too.


The tour packages usually offer the breakfast as complimentary. There are few of the tour packages that even come with dinner or lunch too as free. It is good that you choose only breakfast and dinner if they provide, there is no point of choosing a tour package Andaman that cover meals for the whole day as you will be travelling around.

Customizing the Itinerary

You should go through the itinerary that is provided by Andaman tour package so that you can figure out whether it covers all the places which you want to visit. You should choose the tour agencies that allows you to customize the itinerary so that you get to enjoy the places you want to visit.